• Durken Stoutheart

    Durken Stoutheart

    Ardent disciple of Örn, battle-brother, and foe-breaker. This harbinger of The Forgefather’s divine wroth is the soulhammer that undoes the wicked and malign.
  • Grog: The Grogbear

    Grog: The Grogbear

    The furry fury of the Golgolash Alps and hobgoblin’s bane. This denizen of Rautherheim’s monstrous appearance conceals an affability rarely possessed by even the most civilized.
  • Mye


    A child of strange and auspicious birth; inheriting strange primal powers and a dragon’s fiery temper. This welder of Illiyana’s arcane boon is not one to brook an insult or to be trifled with.
  • Sir Edgar DuMar Alvarez de Aznar

    Sir Edgar DuMar Alvarez de Aznar

    Sir Edgar - Son of Lord Filip DuMar Casilan. Discredited knight errant, and implicit leader of the mercenary group, the Brotherhood of Steel.
  • Zarisarillamos Kirandor

    Zarisarillamos Kirandor

    Exiled eladrin of the hidden city of Helluwathras. Scholar and manipulator of the arcane energies of the dreamweave. Known to his compatriots as Zaris.
  • Bryson Wyrdren

    Bryson Wyrdren

    Famed knight errant, and minor hero at the Battle of Thortle nearly 50 years ago. Disappeared under strange circumstances a year ago.
  • Duke Joaquin Cortez

    Duke Joaquin Cortez

    The duke of Corbosa and the surrounding region. Father to Genevieve.
  • Ern Tollston

    Ern Tollston

    Twelve year old boy rescued while on the road to Corbosa near a manor house overrun by undead.
  • Jonathan Cosgrove

    Jonathan Cosgrove

    Previously the ward of Sir Jori Allistaire, and currently under the guardianship of Sir Edgar DuMar.
  • Knight-Captain Armando al Fuentes

    Knight-Captain Armando al Fuentes

    Knight-Captain of the guard of Corbosa.
  • Lady Genevieve Cortez

    Lady Genevieve Cortez

    The daughter of Duke Joaquin Cortez. Rescued from Sinruth in Rivenroar.
  • Ruhbane


    Strange cloaked figure bounding from rooftop to rooftop. Seen aiding the Hellknight. Discovered to be the revenant of Tam Drayse; the slain squire of Bryson Wyrdren, and comrade to his risen visage - The Hellknight.
  • Sinruth of the Red Hand

    Sinruth of the Red Hand

    The self-proclaimed leader of the once defunct Rad Hand of Doom, Sinruth is the pawn of Al’Surin.
  • Sophia Wyrdren

    Sophia Wyrdren

    Daughter of famed knight, Sir Bryson Wyrdren and Natsumeyah Wyrdren. Currently manifesting as a spectral apparition.
  • Viscount Bartolo Dantes

    Viscount Bartolo Dantes

    Arch-Magus and leader of the Duri in the city of Corbosa.