Durken Stoutheart

Ardent disciple of Örn, battle-brother, and foe-breaker. This harbinger of The Forgefather’s divine wroth is the soulhammer that undoes the wicked and malign.


Durken Stoutheart, level 15
Dwarf, Paladin


When Durken was born he was a very small baby and very weak. He wasn’t expected to live very long his mother took him to the priest to pray to Orn to heal her son. Orn answered their prayer and Durken had a small mark on his right shoulder of a Craig-hammer. Durken grew to be a very wise and strong he was sent to apprentice with the priest. Durken worked hard and learned all he could but he also craved battle and long to be pitted in a battle where he would be needed. Reaching the end of his apprenticeship and there not being any great need of him with his clan he had a great urge to set out to make a name for himself to prove himself in battle and find where he would be needed. Durken has a great sense in him that there is some great task awaiting him and he is meant for some grand purpose.

Durken Stoutheart

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